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Deborah has been a member of our church since August 2016. Although we have only known her a short time we are truly blessed that she has become a part of our church family and we look forward to supporting her work with OM (Overseas Missions) and sharing updates of all that she is doing. She joined in January 2017, heading out to Zambia for training, including an extended period of guidance to work with children in Africa.

In early Summer 2017 she will be arriving in Madagascar where she will be pioneering the Children's Ministry. Deborah will be the only non-Madagascan on the team. Her role will include running a children's ministry programme whilst also developing a new structure for children's work which will be adopted across a number of Madagascan churches. She will train workers from Madagascar, with the aim of creating a sustainable work run by the Malagasy people.

Keep up to date with what Deborah is doing through her blog here.